Consultancy services




The engineers of our company are at your disposal for writing specialists’ reports, providing consultancy services, giving lectures and organising instrument shows in the following fields of water supply:

  • Operation of networks
  • Provision of maintenance services
  • Network surveys, assessment of the condition of networks
  • Diminishing the levels of network losses
  • Elaboration of water-loss reduction strategy for networks

AQUACUST KFT will be pleased to be of service to you by providing the above mentioned services in order to enable you to minimise the losses of water in your network, as a result of which you can achieve considerable savings.

Our Partners can achieve significant savings through these activities.

At the consumer level:

  • Savings of water and sewerage bills
  • Avoiding unnecessary pavement demolition and digging up of gardens,
  • Avoiding flooding in cellars and the sinking of buildings,
  • Control and monitoring of Industrial Parks' internal water network.







For Waterworks:

  • Diminishing water losses
  • Savings in water resources and energy consumption
  • Savings in pumping-station and network capacity
  • Preventing large scale pipe rupture accidents that may cause considerable damage
  • Avoiding unnecessary digging up of roadways
  • Avoiding compensations for damages
  • Avoiding other non-quantifiable moral damage